Pineapple Cufflinks

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  • Crafted from copper-plated premium stainless steel, these limited-edition Pineapple Cufflinks depict the Absolut Elyx Pineapple of Hospitality, our modern take on this noble gesture.

  • Contains: A set of 2 pineapple-shaped cufflinks

    Dimensions of the gift box:
    Height: 2.36 " – 6 cm
    Width: 2.36 " – 6 cm
    Length: 2.36 " – 6 cm
    Weight: 0.11 pounds – 52 grams

    Each set of Absolut Elyx Pineapple Cufflinks is made of copper-plated stainless steel. Presented in a stunning ready-to-gift box with copper damask detailing – making it a perfect gift.

  • For centuries, the pineapple has been a symbol of friendship and hospitality. The story goes that the sea captains of New England, arriving home from trading in the Caribbean, would place a pineapple on their fence to inform friends of their safe return. The pineapple acted as an invitation to visit the house and share food and drink. In honor of this tradition, innkeepers began to incorporate the pineapple in their signage and pineapple-shaped carved bedposts became a common sight.

    For the host or hostess of a banquet, displaying a pineapple as the centerpiece on their table conferred status on the proceedings and signified that no expense had been spared. In this way, the pineapple came to embody the sense of generous hospitality for which it is still known today.

Pineapple Cufflinks
Pineapple Cufflinks - Absolut Elyx Boutique
Absolut Elyx Copper Pineapple cufflinks close up
Pineapple Cufflinks
Pineapple Cufflinks
Pineapple Cufflinks

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